Dined and Dashed Recipe Levels

Here at Dined and Dashed, our goal is to help you create gourmet quality recipes at home, but FAST! However, sometimes we create meals or recipes that taste dynamite, but may take a bit longer than you might want to commit to a normal weekday dinner.

Instead of keeping these recipes to ourselves, we decided to assign “levels” to each of our recipes so that you know right off the bat, how complicated it is and how long it might take you. But along with that, we will also provide tips and advice to advanced prep and other time saving tips that will allow you to find ways to make these recipes fit into your busy schedule.

Because they are totally worth eating.

Trust us.

Dined and Dashed Recipe Levels

Notes: the times listed in the recipes levels are PREP TIMES ONLY, they do not include cook time.

Level 1 Recipe

A Level 1 Recipe takes 15 minutes or less to prepare and the cooking process couldn’t be easier. These recipes will fit into even the most chaotic of schedules.

Check out some of our level 1 recipes below!

Level 2 Recipe

A Level 2 Recipe takes 30 minutes or less to prepare. It has a few more steps, or requires a few more ingredients than a Level 1 recipe. These recipes are not usually a problem for most families on an average weekday.

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Level 3 Recipe

A Level 3 Recipe takes 45 minutes or less to prepare and starts to push the boundaries for many busy people to prepare on an average weekday. With some smart planning and pre-prep, however, these recipes can often be tackled successfully in less time.

Check out some of our level 3 recipes below!

Level 4 Recipe

A Level 4 Recipe takes an hour or less to prepare and will often be one you will save for a weekend or when you can do some serious prep ahead of time. These recipes are worth the effort, but definitely ambitious for busy schedules.

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Level 5 Recipe

A Level 5 Recipe takes over an hour to make and requires serious patience and commitment, especially if you don’t do any pre-planning or prep ahead of time to save time during the cooking session. You have to be in for the long-haul for a level 5 recipe – usually you will save these recipes for parties or gatherings where you really want to impress.

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