Easy Smoked Pellet Grill Brisket Recipe

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This easy smoked beef pellet grill brisket recipe is our first attempt at using our brand new pellet grill. We smoked it low and slow all day and it turned out delicious.

We recently bought a Louisiana Pellet Grill and we were eager to start making all kinds of delicious meats and meals on it. We needed a new grill and after a demonstration from a local rep and a lot of research, we decided that the Louisiana Brand offered the most bang for our buck.

This recipe is a Dined and Dashed Level 5 recipe, which means it is an all-day affair. While not overly complicated, this particular recipe does require close attention during the cooking process.

pellet grill brisket 1

A pellet grill is super versatile. You can grill on it, smoke in it, roast, and even bake in one. Someone even mentioned that you can make bread on a pellet grill. So it didn’t take much convincing to get us sold on this type of grill.

What is a pellet grill?

A pellet grill is a grill that burns pellets instead of charcoal or gas as the fuel. Pellet grills are slower cooking than traditional grills, in some ways making them like an outdoor oven. Which is why you can use them for so many different types of food and even as a smoker.

What are the pellets made of?

The pellets used in a pellet grill are made of compressed hardwood (such as oak or hickory) and come in a variety of ”flavors”. They are food-grade, which means that they don’t contain any harmful chemicals, binders or additives.

What are the advantages of a pellet grill?

  • Pellet grills can sear, bake, smoke and grill.
  • Pellet grills are easy to use and light – ignition is simple with the touch of a button.
  • Many pellet grills are wi-fi enabled and have an app that allows you to monitor temperature right from your phone.
  • Pellet grills have more even, reliable temperature taking the guesswork out of grilling.
  • Pellet grills heat up quicker than charcoal.
  • Pellet grills produce less smoke than charcoal.

What are the disadvantages of a pellet grill?

  • A good pellet grill is far more expensive that a decent gas or charcoal grill.
  • Pellet grills tend to be bigger and heavier than other grills because of the pellet tub attached to the side of them.
pellet grill brisket 2

We chose a Louisiana Grill after attending a home show and getting a very detailed and interesting demonstration about how they work and the benefits of them. We were sold so we bought a Founders Legacy model for around $2,000 that included a cover and a bag of pellets.

There is a lot to learn about how these grills work, but we decided to jump right in and try to smoke a small brisket we had in the freezer for our very first pellet grill brisket recipe attempt,

Louisiana has recipes on their website and we started with their Classic Smoked Brisket recipe but tweaked it a bit to make it our own.

Most notably, we decided to use a smaller brisket in case our first attempt failed. We didn’t want to waste a 12 lb brisket if it didn’t work out for some reason.

pellet grill brisket 3

How long does it take to cook a brisket on a pellet grill?

If you want a tender brisket cooked low and slow, you are looking at a time of at least 6-8 hours to cook a brisket depending on size. The bigger the brisket, the longer it will take. Also, the time depends on whether or not you experience a “stall” in the process. This adds time to the cooking as well.

What is the best temperature to cook a brisket on a pellet grill?

Always low and slow for best results. This means anywhere from 225 degrees to 250 degrees max.

How do you make this pellet grill brisket recipe?

The prep time on this smoked beef pellet grill brisket recipe is minimal. It takes about 10 minutes max to prep the meat.

You can place the brisket directly on the grill or in a rack like we did for ease of moving it off the grill.

pellet grill brisket 4

Place the thermometer in the meat, close the lid, and away you go….waiting for the grill to work its magic on your pellet grill brisket.

You will have plenty of time to get stuff done around the house while you wait. Especially if your grill has an app and notifications like our Louisiana Pellet Grill does.

pellet grill brisket 5

Our brisket was taking awhile – it stalled at around 150 degrees and didn’t want to go any higher, and it was getting close to 5pm. So we opted to help the stall along by wrapping the brisket in pink butcher paper and putting it back on the grill. This does happen pretty frequently so it’s good to plan ahead for it.

pellet grill brisket 6

You can get the pink butcher paper on Amazon, or we also found it locally at Walmart.

pellet grill brisket 8

After we wrapped it in the pink butcher paper, it didn’t take too much longer to get up to temperature. At that point we took it off the grill and wrapped it in a towel and put it in a cooler for nearly an hour.

Then we got to unwrap the beautiful piece of deliciousness!

pellet grill brisket 9

We couldn’t wait to slice into it!

pellet grill brisket 10

Unfortunately by the time it was done, all of the daylight was gone so the pictures aren’t great. But that doesn’t diminish how tasty our very first attempt at a pellet grill brisket was!

Cooked brisket on cutting board

Smoked Pellet Grill Brisket Recipe

Make delicious and tender brisket at home with this smoked pellet grill brisket recipe.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 6 hours
Rest 1 hour
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Servings 6
Calories 494 kcal



  • 4 Lb Beef Brisket
  • 1 Oz Coffee BBQ Rub – or your favorite beef / grill rub


Get the grill ready

  • Put the pellet grill on “smoke” mode
  • Let the fire catch
  • Set the grill to 225° F

Get the meat ready

  • Trim the excess fat off of the brisket (leave about 1/4” layer of fat)
  • Season the brisket all the way around with your chosen rub

Get ready to grill

  • Put the brisket on the grill fat side up
  • Smoke for 6-8 hours (or untIl it reaches 190° internal temp.)

Let it rest

  • Once the brisket reaches 190°, wrap it in pink butcher paper and then in a towel.
  • Place the wrapped brisket in a cooler for as much as an hour for the juices to sit.


If your brisket “stalls” around the 150 degree mark, you can wrap the meat in pink butcher paper with a bit of beef broth and put it back on the heat to speed up the time it takes to get to the desired temperature. A stall can take up to 6 hours to correct itself if left alone.
Nutrition information shown is for reference only and should not be assumed to be accurate.


Serving: 6OzCalories: 494kcalProtein: 46gFat: 34gSaturated Fat: 12.8gCalcium: 1.2mgIron: 24mg
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